The Wide Jean – How do you wear yours?

Let’s face it, jeans are ALWAYS in fashion, and there are washes and styles for everyone.
Despite recently the baggier style ‘mum’ jeans becoming quite popular, for a long time now it has been the skinny jean has been the style of choice worn in a variety of ways. They haven’t been favourite for everyone though..

and so what of the newest trend being seen worn by ‘celebrities’ – wide leg jeans?

Finally ladies, banish your skinny jeans your legs can breathe again, your blood can circulate freely. Thank goodness stretch denim had been invented!

A nod back to the 90’s, we are now seeing a higher waisted flared and wide legged jean with any amount of detail such as split sides, panels and pieces of different denims and varying hem lengths and finishing details such as frayed, scalloped and embellished.

But will they suit you?….

Wider leg and flared jeans can be VERY flattering as they can balance out the shoulders and help to create a waist. They are so easy to wear, and work well on a longer leg but you can create a longer line by teaming them with a heel or wedge, tucking a top inside the waist and wearing them at full length. A shorter length culotte style can look really funky but make sure it finishes at the base of the calf not across the middle, particularly if you have a wide calf.

If you are shorter in height or a bit hippy then a fit and flare style can be more flattering than a wide leg which widens too near the waist for you.

Go try on, experiment, and see how you can make them work best for you. Enjoy!