Wardrobe Overview up to 1.5hrs + write up plan

A general look through your current wardrobe, providing suggestions for re-organising and assessing gaps.

Wardrobe Overview with Colour & Style (half day)

A condensed colour and style assessment looking at the most flattering colours and styles to suit you, followed by a look into your wardrobe making suggestions for re-organising and assessing gaps. We will then create a plan for building a cost-effective, more wearable wardrobe based upon our findings and around what you already have that works for you.

Wardrobe De clutter & Clean (5-6hrs) – £250


A good old sort out. We will spend a good deal of the day spring cleaning, weeding out, refreshing, and re-organising your wardrobe and create a plan for future outfit combinations and purchases based upon your day to day needs and what you already have that works. If you would like me to I will take away any clutter you no longer need and dispose of it or give to charity.

Full Wardrobe Workout. Colour & Style overview, weed, tidy and re-organisation,

follow up plan – (1-2 days)  £300  plus Summer Offer 20% Off

Full Wardrobe Workout. This includes a colour & style overview to discover what suits and flatters you most, and you will be provided with a colour swatch wallet to keep and refer to when shopping. We will then assess your day to day clothing needs before attacking the wardrobe, weeding out, tidying and re-organising. We can then formulate a follow up plan to set you on your way to start building a more wearable and up to date wardrobe. A full profile report will be sent to you to keep and refer back to. Ongoing advice and support is included in this package.

If you would like me to I will take away any clutter you no longer need and dispose of it or give to charity.

PERSONALISED PACKAGES can be created to suit individual budgets and wardrobe needs, and sessions can be bolted on to others. Why not take advantage of this so that you can incorporate as much as possible, saving time and further expense of rebooking later.

MINI SESSIONS are also available to suit those of you who are time and budget conscious.


Always twice the fun with a friend, Special offers for 2 people.


Image evenings and workshops –Share the cost, the information and the fun!

Ladies evenings, club group nights, girls night in, team away days, pamper or hen party. From as little as £5 per person.

Fun, informative evenings, please enquire.

One session with Image and Wardrobe costs as little as buying 1 cup of coffee per week for 1 year, and yet it will also save you time and money, and make you feel great for many years to come!