10 easy steps to spring cleaning your wardrobe


Too many clothes, nothing to wear? Sounds like you need a wardrobe workout!

Do you stare into your wardrobe waiting desperately for some inspiration to jump out? In most wardrobes we will find clothes which, are old fashioned or no longer fit, are a mish-mash of styles and colours, those which actually make you look worse than you think they do, and clothes you had completely forgotten about because you just can’t find anything to go with them, oh and not forgetting the “why on earth did I buy that, what was I thinking?”

Step 1:  Grab some bin bags.

Step 2: Clear and clean out the bottom of your wardrobe, it is amazing how much dirt accumulates. Throw out any rubbish, broken hangers, price tags, carrier bags etc. Any clothes which have fallen off hangers and got lost down there? – put them to wash!

Step 3: Any clothes ripped, soiled or unwearable – put for mending, wash or bin.

Step 4: Arrange all your shoes tidily in pairs outside the wardrobe for now. Any odd ones?? Put to one side all those you will not be wearing during spring and summer.

Step 5:  Remove from the rails any extra hangers and clothes you never wear, they are taking up too much space. Also bin any wire coat hangers as they are not good for your clothes.

Step 6:  Tidy away any odds and ends, belts, scarves, etc which may be getting in the way or tangled up.

Step 7: Consider obtaining transparent shoe and boot boxes, and space saving bags for the

winter items you will be putting away for a while and find some general clear boxes for the accessories and odds and ends.

Step 8:  Consider buying shoe trees for shoes and boots to keep them tidy and to protect the leather or fabric, and to maintain the shape and fit. Treat them all to a brush, spray or polish particularly to nourish the ones you will be putting away until next winter.

Step 9:  Put all the clothes you regularly wear all together at one end of the wardrobe for now. Separate them into sections, dresses, jackets, trousers, tops etc Return all the boxed shoes that you will be wearing over the spring and summer.

Step 10: Any more wardrobes? Phew! looks better already, so time for a cuppa before grabbing a pen and paper and making a proper start on Stage 2…

Now you have cleared out the cobwebs and the clutter, and you can see what you actually have, it’s time to sort out what’s hot and what’s not.

This is where Image and Wardrobe are here to help.

Together we will sort through all the clothes rescuing what we can and ditching the rest.

We will analyse each item and see if it fits, suits your colouring and bodyshape, and whether you can combine it with other items.

Once we have established what there is to work with, we will look at how to best make them work together and, whether you need to completely replenish or just add a few new and different items to the mix, we will make a detailed plan (this is where the pen and paper come in) of what you need to re-build your capsule wardrobe and create a whole new co-ordinated collection of clothes without wasting your money. We will bring you right up to date so that you can be confident of looking great every time you step out the door.

For help with your wardrobe, or for a wardrobe fairy to de-clutter and clean for you, contact t. 07725 332789, or send us an email from our contact page.